The Pathless Path.

Chuck Surface: The Path of the Idiot

I want nothing to do with “spirituality”,
With sitting around talking endlessly “about”.

I would never say that others should not do so.
Everyone must follow their Heart.

All is as God will’s it.

I am simply not interested.
And so I stay Here.

If someone comes,
They are welcomed in Love.

If they leave,
They are followed by Love.

The Heart is untouched, unmoved,
By comings and goings.

But touches and moves,
All who come and go,
Through the Power of Love.

There’s no sign on the door,
Announcing anything.

One must simply wander by,
And… notice.

Then, two Friends take tea and chat,
But not about “spirituality”.

Any Friend capable of “noticing”,
Dissolves effortlessly in their tea.

There is no need to talk “about”,
No need to “know” or “understand”,

To make a “thing” of This,
Seems to me, profane.

This is the most Ancient Way, ThePathless
The Pathless Path.

Not better or worse,
But Simply as it Is.

It is for some,
And not for others.

One “catches” it,
Or not.


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