THIỀN…(Jack Kornfield)

leads to the clear perception of three things:

11262008_10203302131113836_2255209545840819113_nAs the mind becomes Concentrated and Observant, the constant CHANGE of all physical
and mental phenomena is realized. Absolutely all we know, see, hear, feel, think, smell
and taste – even the ‘watcher’, the knowing of these – is changing from moment
to moment.
As this constant flow is seen more fully, any involvement or attachment becomes clearly
undesirable, a Cause of SUFFERING.

The meditator sees all events of the mind and body as an emty process that happens by
itself. He sees that there is no one, NO “SELF” behind it.
Although this process possesses order, following the Law of Karma or cause and effect,
there is nothing in us that can be seen as permanent – an abiding self or soul.
Simply the orderly unfolding of mind and matter arising and perishing moment to moment.

To see this clearly,to experience deeply the true Emptiness ofSelf, is enormously FREEing.
The mind becomes detached, clear, and radiant.

It is the illusions of permanent, of happiness, and especially of selfhood that bind us to the World of Duality and keep us separate from one another and from the true  flow of  nature.

A deep perception of the Void, the Emptiness of all conditioned phenomena, undercut our desire to grasp and hold on to any object or mind-state as a source of lasting happiness.

FINAL HAPPINESS comes from this NON – ATTACHMENT, this balance.
It is freedom from all suffering. Peace.
Meditation…not to used just in isolation.
Meditation is not merely a selfish practice or a cultivation of state of bliss; its encompasses
all of our experience. It is a tool to develop Clarity, an AWARENESS and acceptance of the
flow of events whatever they may be.
In the end, meditation techniques must trancend even themselves.

Then, there will be neither meditation nor non-meditation. Just what is.
(Jack Kornfield – Essential Buddhism/Living Buddhist Masters)

MỜI NGHE audio tiếng Việt
(Ty khưu Thiện Minh dịch) – Sách Audio –


In the world of
Good and evil,
Yet without thoughts
Stirring the heart

This is meditation.

Seeing one’s
Own True Nature
And not being
Distracted from it –
This is meditation.
(Hui Neng)

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